The Appeal of Space Age Furniture

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Published: 19th November 2010
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There are still people who prefer space age furniture compared to modern pieces. While more contemporary items are available, those which reflect the style of the yesteryear remain more appealing to some.

Space age furniture may seem old and outdated to some, but to others the retro style remains cool, hip and trendy. People are still drawn to the vibe of the later decades. For instance, the 1950s and the 1960s of the 20th Century were considered great years. It was a time of freedom, positivity and wealth. It was an era where anything can be possible. These decades gave birth to the technology that is the television, people successfully landed on the moon and plastic became commercial.

It was during this time that space age furniture came into existence. Because of the creative energy that was prevalent in that period, furniture designers expressed themselves freely through their products. Their designs were something consumers have never seen or imagined before: they were funky and over the top. Space age furniture were mostly curved and angular, and the pieces became inspired by other everyday things. The chairs of the space age had the shape of a mushroom; sometimes, they looked like balls. Meanwhile, the tables resembled sculptures more than furniture.

Space age furniture were not only different because of its shapes and forms. They also drew attention because of their colors. People cannot expect subtlety in the shades and hues of those furniture pieces. Instead, they expect to find colors that pop: white, yellow, red, orange and the like. Every color in the spectrum was used, but only if it was bold and bright.

Space age furniture were usually made from aluminum, chrome, fiberglass and plastic. However, several wooden pieces were still available for those who loved furniture made from wood.

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