Antique Marble Top Furniture: Handle With Care

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Published: 07th January 2011
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Elegance and luxury is guaranteed with antique marble top furniture. However, extra care is needed for such pieces to last a long time.

Antique furniture is great, but antique marble top furniture is even better. The marble top is a welcome addition to any piece because it gives the furnishings an extra touch of class. Most antiques are made from wood—oak, mahogany, rosewood, etc—and the end product of such materials is always a work of art. However, with a marble top, the aesthetic factor rises a notch. The contrast of dark or light wood with the different shades of marble always results in a stunning piece.

What pieces fall under the category of antique marble top furniture? The first thing that comes to mind are tables. Nights stands, coffee tables, shaving stands, center tables, parlor tables and other forms of tables can be given a marble top because of their open and flat surfaces. Cabinets are also often given marble tops, since they closely resemble the structure of tables. However, those are not the only pieces which have marble tops. Even entire bedroom sets can look luxurious and beautiful with marble tops: mirror chests, wardrobes, top pier mirrors and antique lamps.

Antique marble top furniture are surely beautiful things. Nonetheless, these things will not remain beautiful for long if they are not used properly. For instance, a marble table top used daily can have scratches, etches and ugly stains. Some people feel it is okay to leave water on the surface; what they do not realize is that water can stain. Juice and acidic food can result in etches. Cleaning is part of good maintenance, but using the wrong products will do more harm than good. Hence, one should know how to clean antique marble top furniture the right way.

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